Welcome to PhD Research in Assyriology

Welcome to PhD Research in Assyriology! This site exists to promote the research being carried out by PhD students in the field of Assyriology. What’s that? It’s a broad term that covers all scholarly fields related to the study of the ancient Near East in the time of the cuneiform cultures. That means the time between the fourth millennium BCE and the first century AD, in the historical regions of Mesopotamia, Syria and the Levant, Iran, and Anatolia. Assyriology includes the history, archaeology, and art history of the ancient Near East, as well as its languages: Sumerian, Akkadian (Babylonian and Assyrian), Hittite, Elamite, Hurrian, and others.

PhD Research in Assyriology is an initiative of the International Association for Assyriology (IAA). To find out more about “Assyriology”, the IAA, our annual conference (the “Rencontre” or “RAI”), or to hear the latest news, please visit the IAA website. If you like what we do, please consider joining the IAA. Your support helps us offer a range of prizes and awards to make life a little less difficult for students and early career scholars, and to celebrate their successes.